How to analyze visitors?

How to analyze visitors?

This is very interesting subject and can help web masters to understand how visitors engage their web content. This information is accessible from many web analytical platforms such as google analytics or bing web masters. What we need is to create property on them and start reading and analyzing the data.

These data inform us about visitors behavior and can be a valued source of data that explains the visitors to your website.This data can be divided into many reports. For example if we need to know what browser user is using or from where our visitors are coming.

What kind of information we can get from this data. These information’s can provide to us behavioral, technological, physical, Geo-location and language data.User behavior can tell us what users like and what don’t like. For example is user spending time on videos or they prefer reading our articles.

With technology data we can understand is user using chrome or Firefox browser. Another very important data is visitor mobile or desktop user.Demographics or Geo-location can tell us from which country we have visitors. In many online campaigns web masters are using this tool to target specific audience for specific product, article or some news.And than we have language as metric. Many online users prefer English language against their native language.

How to analyze visitors? Demographics—Geo Location

Demographics is done by IP addresses. This analytical tool checks IP addresses and is returning back an information about where visitor is located by country even his physical address at the moment.

These reports tell you where visitors are located in a geographic manner. Analytics tools understand visitors Geo-location based on their IP addresses, which means that the data good but not perfect.

With these geographical reports analyze visitors and you can learn about your website’s visitors or target them geographically. This is interesting because every country or region has its own habits or way of living. But this can’t help us when we have visitors from metropolitan Cities because visitors from there can be from different countries. So if we are looking for their habit won’t help us. But if we like to provide them with every day services like hair dress, dentist or some repair-services it is great tool so we can do good local SEO.

How to analyze visitors? Visits , Unique Visitors, New Visitors.

Every time when some one is landing on our web site and click on some page or article, we count that as a Visit. This isn’t very helpful but it is used in future calculations on total visits.

Returning visitor is the one that was on web site before opposite of this is new visitor.

So now we have new and returning visitors, which provide you with the percent of new visitors , but also lets you compare new visitors and returning visitors with regard to bounce rate, conversion rate, pages per visit, and more. When we know how many visitors are new or returning is interesting, and can be very useful if we are trying to increase the portion of one group or the other.

New Visits

The number or percent of new visits, for a given total number of visitors, is the number of visitors who have never been to the web site before divided by the total number of visitors.At Google Analytics, “new” stays for that they never visited within the last two years.

But this is strange because you may be a regular visitor of some web site and you change IP address or PC and you will be registered as new visitor.

How users engage, is also a piece of How to analyze visitors ?

Engagement can be split in two sections. Duration and Page Depth. This data give more detail on the metrics average time on web site and average page depth, breaking down how many visitors fit into different time ranges or how many users visited one, two or more pages. This can be useful if we like to to understand how long visitors are reading on site or what they prefer to open or which page they are interested.

What technology user is using?

This report will tell us what browser user is using. With this we can get info about their screen resolution. What OS is user using windows or Linux. Is our visitor mobile or desktop user? So when we know that we have various users we will need to optimize site for all platforms.With optimization our web site will be friendly to all devices and there will be no issues while visitors are using it.

You may use web analytic’s to inform yourself about the device’s and platforms users use to enter your website, how many times they come to your website, and what is their demography and location .These information’s cover the full specter of your website’s users, a non-regular approach from the specificity we create with them. We can use these sets of information to categorize and characterize our users and find the patterns.
How to analyze visitors?

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