What is Google RankBrain algorithm?

What is Google RankBrain algorithm? It Machine learning algorithm used by Google to handle the search results. Meanwhile is processing search queries.
There is difference between algorithms and this ML RankBrain algorithm. As it is ML it upgrades himself or simply he learns.

Google RankBrain and how we can affect it in order to rank better on Google for our keywords. So let’s go into it now first of all what is the Google RankBrain that Google RankBrain is an artificial algorithm that Google has produced in order to crawl the entire web of the useful information based on the keywords that anybody’s typing into Google.

How works  google RankBrain algorithm?

So it’s basically an artificial program that runs in the background of Google to try to find the most helpful information for a certain keyword search on Google.
Understanding search queries, what is typed what keywords or sentences and how users are satisfied with the end result UX

For example, we are searching for some keyword, and we are getting results so we click on the first ranked website. If we enter and we get back to the results and than enter the second one and spend time reading and searching the web site, google RankBrain will notice that there is content on the second ranked website that is more interesting for visitors.

Because visitor spend more time there, visited another page or read another article more.
At that moment Google RankBrain algorithm will give more value to that website.

Also articles, blog posts or videos need to be optimized. Both the title and the method description. You can see in the picture marked in red. So that is basically how somebody is clicking on anything really to get that click through rate through the roof and then we’re having this second factor which is that dwell time.
So when somebody is on our Web site for example and you of course would like the user to spend as much time as they possibly can on your Web site. Now they either can go to the blog here for example or they can go and click on that learn more button.

The point of all this is to create good user experience, you have to keep them busy on your web page.
So in that way you will inform google that there is content that is great so you are gona get ranked on better positions on google search.

Different than creating quality content is to optimize that content. These days people are searching on google via microphone, now we have voice searches against regular searching. So optimizing content and website for voice searching is another level of optimization.
Mobile users are mainly using this voice searches so if we see the numbers of total mobile users this is very big number and its getting bier and they are using this voice search more and more.

Keywords are another way to attract Google RankBrain algorithm . The point is to use them a lot but never to spam. Use your keyword in text, title, H1,H2 or H3 tags. Also optimizing images for their alternative text, description is crucial for RankBrain.

User experience and satisfaction(UX) for Rank Brain.

To get boosted by Google Rank Brain algorithm you need to pay attention on few things.

Bounce Rate
Dwell time
Organic Click-Through-Rate
Pogo sticking

These four are known as user experience(UX) factors. If those factors are satisfied your web site will get better ranking.

In Internet marketing area there is a term Bounce Rate. This term is analytical term and is giving a percent of visitors that entered the web site and left(bounce), against to stay on web site to read or to interact with other content or pages at the same web site.
It is calculated as total bounce visits on a single page divided with the total number of visits.
Bounce rate (%) = Visits (bounce) (number) ÷ Total visits (number) to the website.

Dwell Time is another analytical term to measure when user enters web site from search engine result and when visitor exit the web site and returns to search engine results. If we have short Dwell time means that user is not satisfied with the search engine result and long Dwell time is opposite meaning that user is satisfied.

CTR or Click Through Rate is metric ratio that counts visitors that click on some specific link for the total number of users who visited the web page. It is ratio that is used by online marketers for their advertising campaigns.

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