Virtual private server

What is a VPS or Virtual Private Server?

What is a VPS or Virtual Private Server?

With a VPS, you open a world of possibilities that would not be possible on shared hosting because of restrictions. Virtual Private Server is one step more from regular Shared Hosting.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This is a hardware or physical device that is configured into many servers. Simply, all of them are acting like dedicated server. All the features that dedicate servers has you are getting them for discounted price.

Each VPS or Virtual Private Server has own OS or operating system, Since every server has own OS it works like separate device so can be separately rebooted or maintained.

Every single OS gets a specific part of the resources from the hardware or the physical server. All Of them are separated so they cannot disturb or interfere each other.

If there is some issue on some VPS this problem will not effect the others. For example some Virtual Private Server can have memory or CPU problems because of more traffic, this will not effect others as they are isolated.

Another example if your site is hosted on Shared Hosting and if we have more sites that has a lot of traffic. This big traffic effects the resources of the Shared Hosting and can cause other websites problems like slow page loading.

Here on the VPS all websites have equal resources or equal parts. These equal parts are Virtual Private Servers.

A VPS can be a good idea if your site has a fair amount of traffic because it guarantees a certain level of processor time and memory availability to you.

About the money you pay when choosing a VPS or Virtual Private Server.

-You will pay less for a fully dedicated server.
-For the money you pay you get a freedom and flexibility over the limitations and restrictions of shared hosting.
-Your limit is only by the plan of VPS you are paying. You pay more you get more but never less. You can always upgrade later if you decide it becomes necessary.

What Virtual Private Server features are?

Customization-You can choose different Operating system like CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian. So if you are technically well educated you can customize your VPS like your computer.

Security – Your Virtual Privates Server will be protected by the latest software and hardware firewalls with some internal security package.

-Your speed will be multiplied by 10 or 20 times more. These days providers are using SSD against old one HDD .Your website will get improvements for speed, performance, and loading times.

Scales UP
!!!-if your business needs more you can scale easily. No matter what you need more, disk space, CPU power or bandwidth.

Switch to Virtual Private Server
– Companies also allow their users to switch from shared Hosting or Dedicated Hosting to VPS

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