Why do we need web hosting

In this article I will write about Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Virtual Private Server(VPS).
Also answering the question why Why do we need web hosting.

Why do we need web hosting

Why do we need web hosting ? Out there on the internet, there are millions of websites and applications that are full with content to read, products to buy or services to use, while waiting for visitors. All this is possible with the hosting companies with their job to keep up these websites and services online 99,99 of the time.

When we buy web hosting, we are buying our space on the internet. So for some amount of money we buying a part or size of hard disk plus some tools and applications that are important for our website to be accessible on the internet. Here we are not mentioning our domain that is our address to be searched, indexed and visited.

Another answer for why do we need web hosting? Is that web hosting companies care a lot of things that are important for our website to be alive and visitors to use it with out any concerns.
While you are purchasing a web hosting you are also making agreement about bandwidth, storage, what app will you host, processors, RAM ,CDN or SSL simply you can adjust your needs and web hosting companies are here to process all that.

What is Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting

What is Shared hosting, Shared hosting is one of the most used hosting plans on the web today. Many websites you are visiting today are hosted on shared hosting and you cant even notice. The simplest answer for the question What is Shared Hosting? Is that we have one server that shared by many users/websites. This means that there can be hundreds of websites on one server and there is need of worries.
These Shared Hosting plans are really attractive for new website owners. Because they provide Free SSL certificates ,cPanels, Unmetered bandwidth, Free Website builder, Domain name and privacy protection and even a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Shared hosting are the most cheap way to build and place your web site online since the maintenance cost is split between all users on that hosting server.
So if you have a new website and your traffic is not so high this is ideal hosting option. For more advanced users and websites with big traffic there are other hosting plans.

What is Dedicated Hosting

When we have a dedicated hosting we have an opposite situation. This time we have hardware only for us it means everything we shared at Shared Hosting now is dedicated for us. Dedicated Hosting is much more expensive than Shared Hosting. This is because we are not sharing the resources with other websites. Because we will pay more this will give use more advantages over Shared Hosting.

Every website hosted on Dedicated Hosting have many improvements in page loading, faster uploads and downloads. With Dedicated hosting we are not sharing our IP address, we have our own.

Another advantage is that we can upload as many websites because we own that server and all that for no cost. In many situations a lot of users are buying Dedicated Hosting service for the purpose of renting space for other websites.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Virtual Private Server is another kind of Shared Hosting. Here we are also sharing our space but with less users. The number of users may not pass more than 30-50 per server. But this is really hard to tell with how many users you will share your Virtual Private Server. As there are different companies with different capabilities. So if one can handle 30 users per server another bigger company can handle 100 users per server.

Virtual Private Server

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