site map for better seo

Site Map for Better SEO

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XML SiteMap

Site Map for Better SEO.We know for few kinds of site maps. The first one is XML site map. XML site map is type of map that we are making for search engines. It is machine-readable link that contains all pages on our site. With XML site map we are asking search engines like, bing,com, to index our web site map for better SEO results.

Crawlers are looking for such a files to get information’s about updates, new posts, user-blog posts, social links, content relevance. XML site map is domain-connected and allows spiders to proceed with deep search on our links. For example when user visit some web site he is getting the front page and what is posted on. When spider access the same web site he gets all links and their content. This means that he also gets information about broken links.Site Map for Better SEO

HTML SiteMap

Site Map for Better SEO.Another site map is HTML site map that is made for users. This type of Site Map is usually made for users to have easy access to our content on different pages. Here we have listed Pages, Categories, Posts or products if we talk for e-commerce web site. With HTML site map we are expecting better user experience and giving chance to users to become familiar with our web site.

User experience is important for SEO. It is recommended web site to poses both XML and HTML site map.Site Map for Better SEO


Site Map for Better SEO.RSS is another Site Map for Better SEO. RSS provides links like feeds for other web sites or users to access the content via RSS readers. For example you can truck your favorite web site or many sites at once. Almost every web site uses RSS feeds to syndicate latest content such as blog posts, podcasts, audio and video files.

As user subscribe to a RSS, he doesn’t need to scroll the web site for new content. The browser gets update via RSS feeder/reader.
In most cases these RSS feeds are used by news site aggregators. These websites provide content from many sources. So these sites are always fresh to use/read.



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