What is directory submission? SEO benefits of submission!

What is directory submission?

Directory websites is web-based platform who accept websites to promote them self in their niche or topic. There are many websites that are in the role of web directory. Some of them are accepting websites automatically and some of them are edited by humans. Human edited web directories are more valuated because every link that is placed is checked by human to avoid irrelevant links, websites and content to be promoted by them. If admin reject some website it mean that this website didn’t follow their guidelines. This is the simplest explanation for what is directory submission?

At the start of internet era, web directories were used from users for the same we use search engines, to find some website and their info. But there was game changes and search engines overtake web directories because they are more updated and use better technology.

Benefits of directory submission

Beside technology advantages of search engines there are many users that are still visiting web directories for gathering information about websites. And because of that if your site is listed on good web directory there is big chance to get free traffic from them.

Another benefit if you are listed on quality web directory is that search engines are accepting them very well. Since admin are editing and accepting new listings they are relevant and search engines have trust more. Another thing important thing is that these web directories are regularly crawled and checked buy big search engines like google, yahoo, yandex.

Beside human edited web directories there are also automated where you can submit your website link to them. In many cases you can submit your link for free, with reciprocal link or you pay for that link.

If you go with free submission your submission may be accepted after few week or even a month or never. With reciprocal link you will be asked to place a web link from them on your web site and they place a link from you on their web directory. And last option is you pay from 5$ to 10$ per link and your web site will be submitted.

SEO benefits of web directories submission!

Since you had submitted your web site to web directory you will get permanent links. These links are very important for our SEO especially for Off Page SEO. Getting backlinks from quality web directories will gain your web site search engine rankings.

Beside the chance to link your main domain web directories allow deep linking. This means you can submit links from posts, pages or target anchor text.

For example, if your website is related to healthy food, the directory submission will only allow yourself to submit your website to healthy food directory, or just a healthy food category within a general directory. This is another SEO improvement and it is related to On Page SEO.

This means that links to your website will come from relevant category or pages only, and search engines prefer links from topically related pages.

Another On Page SEO tactic is link building that requires internal and outbound links. So when we are submitting for reciprocal link we can send back link to the directories.

Web directories to Avoid!!!

The point of this article What is directory submission? Is to understand that the point of submitting to web directories is to get some value. This value can come in the form of traffic, improve link building, search engine ranking. All this can be done if directory is linking to as do-follow link. If they use no-follow your site will be listed on their page but will be no link juice to your site.

This can be checked by inspecting their HTML code and if you see tag like rel=”external nofollow” or rel=”nofollow” avoid that web directory.

List of free web directories.

This is a list of free directories from the “ What is directory submission “ article. Many of them accept reciprocal links or you pay for submitting.


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