Off page seo

What is Off Page SEO?

Some time ago a write a post What is On Page SEO? and their factors which are internal and they all depend on your efforts, while Off Page SEO factors are external and help you rank higher in Search Engine Rankings.

Social Media

Expand your presence by getting advantage from the social media optimization and marketing. Social medias are an amazing medium with an ever-increasing scope. You can include in networking and raise your connections considerably. Reaching out to the modern target visitors is beneficial because visitors can share and promote your website. Keep your audience connected, and share latest articles and news with them. For example, Facebook and Linked-In can be great tools that let you forward your online or local business horizons dramatically.

Twit updates and keep your visitors and followers in the circle using Twitter. You can use the opportunities of these social media sites for branding and advertising for less amount of money against traditional advertising methods such as TV advertising, Radio, news press releases or Yellow Pages listings.


Blogging is another form to improve your Off Page SEO. Blogging is mainly used to achieve user engagement via easy blogging platform. With Blogging you can update your visitors for the latest news about your niche.

When you are blogging your content boost your product or service information.

If you are asking for what I should blog, the answer is write about troubleshooting, review products or services or give information’s that are asked by people.

Inbound and relevant links from your blog to your web site can improve your Search Engine Optimization significantly.

At the moment there are many blogging platforms that are free. Most popular blogging platforms are:


There is one very positive side of using these blogging platforms and it is that you don’t need any coding skill to start promoting your business. It is a fast track for success.

WordPress not, these are similar but different. will provide you basic hosted blog. Every additional options are on the purchase list like, domain name, storage and etc.

Positive side of using are

-it is a free and will come with subdomain like
-no need to worry about setup
-it is beginner friendly

Negative side

-Because is free, you can’t do customization
-Advertising is unable
-The blog is owned by and they can suspend your account if you break their laws.


Blogger is another free blogging platform owned by Google. It is a beginner friendly and you dont need coding skills to manage it.

Positive side

-Free and comes with subdomain name:
-If you have quitality content you can apply for Google AdSense program
-It is Google

Negative side

-Google can suspend your account if your brake their policy
-Limited tools for blogging.
-Themes or templates and widgets are with low quality and in small number


Wix was born in 2006. It is a free drag and drop website builder. The free plan comes with subdomain in front like but you can setup with custom domain. There is paid version also.

Positive side

-They provide a lot of templates and plugins free or from third party sale’s. You can make a very beautiful website with wix.
-Drag and drop website builder with easy setup.

Negative side

-As its free ads are allowed from wix only.
-Some free apps are limited.
-You cant change theme once you have chosen. E commerce is allowed for paid plans only.


This web place is also great for Off Page SEO. It acts like social network but it is hardly used by bloggers, journalists and writers and niche experts.

It is a community driven web place where you get a chance for free to express your knowledge. You can make a pages and write articles and you will have link address like this one, Custom domain is not an option.

Positive side

-Easy to use. No setup no coding skills required
-you can easily engage with people with similar interests.

Negative Side

-Limited designing tools
-Blog is owned by Medium
-Ads are not allowed, so forget on monetization.


it is a kind of a different than other blog web sites. It has a micro blogging altitude with social networking advantages involving followers, sharing links and texts and etc.

Positive side

-Tumblr is free and comes with subdomain like You can add a custom domain name.
-It is very easy to set up and use.
-Social media’s are already integrated.
-As a micro blogging tool, Tumblr makes it easy to share blog videos, GIFs, images, and audio formats so you can improve your Off Page SEO.

Negative side

-If your Tumblr blog becomes popular there are no features or tools to improve.

Localization and Citations

Local SEO is an important Off Page SEO, because it dedicated to the user’s region. It is a great for small and medium size enterprises and web sites because it helps them connect with users in their area.

With Google My Business you can list your business and gain improvements in SERPs.

With that listing your product or service will show up when users are search for same product or service that is existing in their area or region.Also with that listing you can set up your working hours, basic information or link to your web site or social network profile.

There are also others web services that can improve you Off Page SEO via local SEO like Yelp or Foursquare.

Yelp is another business web directory site. Every owner of business or web services can submit his product or service on Yelp. Companies can update their contact information, address’s working hours.

Yelp allows visitors to make a review and to rate the listings. Yelp comes in web and mobile version.

Per month Yelp is visited for more than 140 million visitors. These numbers make Yelp real player for Local SEO.

Foursquare or for Local SEO Foursquare City Guide was launched 2009 and main purpose is to help users to find new places from their community it comes with mobile and web version.

These web sites are very helpful to understanding the positive and negative side’s of your products or services because of review and ratings given by consumers and visitors.

With reviews you may establish a connection with visitors and users and understand their point and concerns about your business or service. When we have more interaction with costumers we are streamline our business for a long term.

Inbound or back links

Inbound or back links are links that come from other domains to your website. Back links can come from many web sites. But our intent is to receive back links from web site with high page rank against back links from web sites with low page rank and low authority.

Another Off Page SEO tip inside back linking is the number of back links pointed to our web site. According to that, we have to tend for quality and quantity of back links for better Off Page SEO.

From where we can get back-links? These back-links can come from many web sources. For example blogs like we mentioned before in this article. Social networks like facebok, twitter, instagram,vk.

Forums that are related to your niche, Reviews sites related to your niche. Social bookmarking and web directories web sites with high rank are the very powerful. Article submission web sites like Ezine or shared knowledge sites like Quora and wikihow also can accelerate you rankings.

Here is a list of 5 article submission sites.


Best for Art, business , entertainment, politics, sports, tech.

Best for DIY or how to everything.

Very old Article submission web site.

Instant approval for article submission. Just make an account.

Sharing papers with millions of people for free.

Five(5) Social Bookmarking sites.

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