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What is On Page SEO?5 Things for On Page SEO

What is On Page? Many years back SEO was very popular subject to discuss. But what about these days is SEO important. Answer is yes. Why? Because is related to Search Engine Optimization. It means that we need to optimize our website to the search engine criteria.

Search engine optimization or SEO includes a lot of factors, and they are packed in two different areas to operate. Here we are talking about On Page SEO.

What is On Page SEO? On Page SEO

On-page SEO operates on your website. By default you are the person that is responsible for how your website will look. This involves your source code or you are using some CMS like WordPress, Joomla, WIX or other. Will your meta-descriptions, meta-tags and keyword filled properly.

Do you have internal links, images or videos and are they optimized for the keywords you are looking .Are there Site Maps for the search engines to crawl your website. Did you check page load time? Fonts and their size. How your content will be structured. Categories or Pages what about semantics?

Generally, On Page SEO main focus is better website presentation for the public or for better user experience.As a part of ” What is On Page and Off Page SEO? “,article below are things to be done for On Page SEO.

Quality Content for

You may heard somewhere that content is a king. This Is true. You see, we are all searching something on internet. We are looking for information’s, images, videos, products and etc. When we step at some website we are expecting relevant content, images with quality, great videos and right products. If there is website that has these above mentioned things we will return back to that site after some time. In this case site content was relevant, engaged with us and we are sure that we will visit again. So when we create our content we need to know what we are typing.

Using some software can speed up, but also can mess up the things because spinned content some times is very not understandable to read. Also when we are creating our content, it must be content related to our niche. Keywords should be at proper number not over written because we can be penalized from search engines.

Fresh content, writing once per month will not help us against our competitors. Search engines need fresh content, new blogs, pictures, videos and products.

As a part of this article, What is On Page SEO?, I would like to mention about spell-check as incorrect words and spelling mistakes can effect negatively.

Heading Tags

Another factor to be considered are Heading tags. There start from H1 to H6 but best SEO practice says that we use from H1 to H3 but no one will be sorry if you use all of them.

The first one or H1 is very important and he is related to the subject of the content. It informs visitors for the topic of that page. Be relevant with H1 tag so visitors and crawlers get the idea about what your page is.

After adding H1 you should proceed with H2 tags. You may have many H2 tags if needed and then you may use H3 tags. Best practice says that keywords should be included in H1,H2 and H3 tags.

Image Optimization and Interactive Media

As we mentioned Content is a King. But king must have crown. Raw text without any image or video will not make search engine and visitors happy. Place at least one image below or above every section to visualize the content above.

Use your focus keyword for captions and alternate text for images or media files. Chose right size of images according to your theme or front page layout. It will be better to optimize your media files so they can be opened fast. If you are WordPress user there are plenty of free plugins that can optimize your media files.

Posting videos these days is very good practice. Since google own YouTube building relevant content with videos is excellent.

Meta Keywords and Meta Descriptions

Meta keywords and Meta Description are another On Page SEO factor for better web appearance. The are placed in the head of a html file. They are helping search engines to understand what is topic of the website, to describe the article you posted and what are main keywords you are focused on. All this is happening behind visitors eyes as it stays on your html code.

Even google has stated that they don’t consider Meta Keywords and Meta Description as main factors, I think that it is better practice to include them in relevant way in your website On Page SEO.

Meta Description should be unique and relevant for every page you made or every post you type. You should limit your Meta Description at max 150-170 characters.

When placing Meta Keywords again they must be relevant to reflect the content. Don’t over stuff with Meta keywords. For example i have to use What is On Page SEO? and my keyword desnity must not be more than 2%

Outbound and Internal Links

On Page SEO can be improved with internal links. Internal links are links that are pointing pages, posts or domain name in site. Internal links are kind of communication between pages and post on website. They are pointing to each other via anchor text.

They are very important because having good link structure makes easy job for search engines to inspect your website and also gives visitors better user experience/UX.

Outbound links are links that you are pointing to other domain name or website. For example when you to point some resources that you are using.In many situations linking a high authority websites like Wikipedia can improve your SEO. With this linking you are improving your content relevancy and you give credibility to your content and website.

Connecting your website to social media, blogs and other media websites is also outbound linking. While linking don’t link to illegal, spam websites . Also linking must be focused on relevant sites close to your topic.


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